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Nonton Film Offering to the Storm (2020) Sub Indo – After the ambiguous conclusion of ‘The Legacy of the Bones,’ Amaia Salazar returns to solve yet another murder mystery. This time, she travels to Pamplona. Where a murder not only has strange connections with the Baztan killings. But also forces her to question her own decisions. In the world of the Baztan Trilogy, there are no lines between good or evil, and ‘Offering to the Storm’ very well establishes that. Furthermore, unlike ‘The Legacy of the Bones‘, it leaves no stone unturned and brings a proper conclusion to all the underlying mysteries of the movie series. In case you missed out on any significant plot points of the film, here’s a detailed. Explanation.

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Towards the end of ‘The Legacy of the Bones,’ Amaia Salazar’s mother goes missing. While others believe that she’s dead, Amaia knows for sure that she’s still out there somewhere. Amaia takes on the case with her team of investigators and soon realizes that it has stark similarities with the Baztan Valley child sacrifices. Through the murderer’s family members, Amaia learns that he kept talking about making an offering when he killed his daughter. She also gets to know about a religious ritual in which people enact the evil deeds of a mythological figure called Inguma. Inguma was known for killing people in their sleep, and the father did something similar to his daughter. While Amaia digs deeper into the mysteries of this case, back at Baztan, Dr. Berasategui mysteriously dies in his prison cell.

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After learning about the similarities between the new case and the Baztan murders. Amaia revisits her mother’s friend and asks her about the rituals they practiced in their cult. This friend still sticks to her old words and claims that she did everything a leading figure asked them to do. However, when their leader made them perform animal sacrifices, some backed off from the cult, while others still obeyed him. Later on in the film, Amaia meets another man, who was once a part of the cult. He claims that their leader’s name was Xabier Tabese, and he made them perform brutal animal sacrifices with the promise of grand rewards in return. He further adds that almost everyone who religiously followed Xabier’s rituals later became very successful in life. So clearly, a supernatural force is at play here.