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The Orphanage (2019)
A historic drama with musical Bollywood scenes.
Kabul in the early 90s. Soviet values rule the country.
Women can wear miniskirts, children can go to school and people can go to the cinema, concerts as well as universities.
Life in Afghanistan is similar to life in the Western world.
14 years old Qodrat sells cinema tickets on the black market in the streets of Kabul.

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After selling a ticket to a secret police officer by mistake, he ends up at the Soviet orphanage.
Where he fakes his identity at the registration, in hope of getting more power.
Everyday life for Qodrat is about friendships, falling in love, doing naughty things and going on adventures – just like it is for children in other parts of the world.
However, behind the safe walls of the orpanage the world they once knew is drastically changing as the Mujahideens start theh civil war.

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The film follows the 15-year-old Qodrat (Qodratollah Qadiri), who at the beginning of the movie lives on the streets of 1989 Kabul.
And gets by on scalping cinema tickets and peddling key rings.
After being picked up from the streets he is sent to the Soviet operated juvenile detention center known as “the orphanage”.